Sarbottam Cement IPO Result – Check Share Allotment

Sarbottam Cement IPO Result

Sarbottam Cement IPO Result Date:

The Sarbottam cement IPO result will likely be held on 25th Falgun, 2080(Friday). Sarbottam Cement had started to float IPO shares to the general public from 13th to 16th Falgun,2080. The company had issued 27,76,076 units of shares at the rate of Rs.360.9 per share to the general public.

IPO Application Status

The IPO application status of Sarbottam Cement is shown in the table below:

Issued Units27,76,076 units
No. of Applicants10,15,211 (as of 29th Feb 2024 at 10 AM)
Applied Units5,37,77,870 units
oversubscribed by19.51 times

Among the total applicants, only 55,521 people will get 50 unit shares of Sarbottam Cement. Among them, 6 lucky applicants will get an additional 1 unit share.

Financial Details

The financial details including Net-worth and EPS of the company are shown in the table:

Earning per share(Rs.)32.3511.555.28
Net worth per share(Rs.)160.13171.74185.36
Reserved profit/Loss(in ‘000)24,35,24829,05,43234,56,975

Payback period:

Opening Range

The opening range of Sarbottam cement is expected from Rs.360.9 to Rs.556.08. It may vary as it is not fixed. Its opening price is calculated according to its net worth. The minimum value of the opening range is its net worth and the maximum value is three times its net worth but in the case of book building ipo, the minimum value for opening is set as the same price as in the ipo issued price.

Credit Rating

Care Rating Nepal has provided the company with the rating as CARE-NP BBB(Is) pronounced as [Triple B issuer rating]. This indicates that the company has a moderate degree of safety regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

Speciality of Sarbottam Cement:

  • Iso Certification: This company has ISO CERTIFICATION of 9001:14001 for OPC/PPC cement in the country in 2015.
  • VRM technology: This technology reduces up to 50% of energy consumption during the production of cement which ultimately reduces the production cost and increases benefit.
  • Own mine: This company owns limestone mines of the Chitwan and Palpa districts with its own qualitative laboratory.
  • Fine cement: Different technologies adopted by Sarbottam Cement help to produce very fine cement of 3 microns with the best quality.

1. When will the Sarbottam cement IPO result be held?

Ans: The Sarbottam cement IPO result will probably be held on 25th Falgun, 2080(Friday).

2. What is the Sarbottam cement opening range?

Ans: The Sarbottam cement opening range is Rs.360.9 to Rs.556.08.

3. Is the Sarbottam cement opening range more than the issue price?

Ans: The opening range of Sarbottam cement will be more than the issue price if it opens with a high price of its range.

4. What is the EPS of Sarbottam cement?

Ans: The EPS of Sarbottam cement is Rs.5.28 according to FY079/80.

5. What is the Net-worth of Sarbottam cement?

Ans: The Net-worth of Sarbottam cement is Rs.185.36 according to FY079/80.

6. What is the opening price of Sarbottam cement?

Ans: The opening price of Sarbottam cement is Rs.556.08

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