2081 IPO Alert: 35 Companies Going Public – Ready Your Funds Now



Are you excited about applying for new IPOs? This year 2081 will be the IPO year. A total of 36 companies are under the Sebon permission. 5 companies with premium prices and 30 no. companies with normal prices (Rs. 100 per share) are set to issue their company’s shares to the general public.

S.NSectorNo. of companiesRemarks
2Others91 company with a premium price
3Manufacturing and processing54 companies with a premium price
4Hotel and Tourism2

List of IPOs companies

Hydropower Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1Sanima Hydropower Limited14,70,000
2Bhujung Hydropower Limited14,55,000
3Solu Hydropower Limited2,00,00,000
4Sanvi Energy Limited37,90,000
5Him Star Urja Company Limited11,19,000
6Richet Jalavidhyut Company Limited11,76,450
7Mabilung Energy Limited18,90,530
8Taksar Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower Limited42,30,668
9Daramkhola Hydro Energy Limited39,50,000
10Beni Hydropower Limited20,80,000
11Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Company Limited28,05,750
12Him River Power Limited26.60.000
13Kalinchowk Hydropower Limited750000
14Laughing Buddha Power Nepal Limited65,77,000
15Ridge Line Energy Limited58,04,201
16Bikash Hydropower Company Limited44,54,596
17Yambaling Hydropower Limited28,00,000

Others Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1IME Limited10,00,000
2Trade Tower Limited11,58,980
3Kantipur Television Network Limited7,50,000
4Accord Pharmaceuticals Limited7,06,909
5Pure Energy Limited16,00,000
6Annapurna Cable Car31,00,000
7HAMS Hospital11,25,000premium
8Apex Hospitality Limited24,00,000
9Dish Media Network Limited1,35,84,955

Manufacturing and Processing Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1Jagadamba Steels Limited2,00,70,000Premium @300
2Reliance Spinning Mills11,55,960premium
3Maruti Cements Limited1,16,00,000premium 377
4Shaurya Cement Industries Limited1,59,81,500premium @264.51
5SY Panel Nepal Limited52,32,548

Hotel and Tourism Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1Hotel Forest Inn Limited98,00,000
2Orchid Holdings Limited1,15,00,000

Investment Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1Barun Investment Limited24,75,000

Microfinance Sector:

S.NName of CompanyNo. of SharesRemarks
1Swastik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited80,000

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