How to Apply IPO/Share Online From Mero Share ?

Apply IPO online

IPO has now accessible to every general people because they do not have to wait for an hour to apply form. Everything has entered into the digital. Here, to apply IPO (Initial Public offering ) has also gone into digital. It makes it easy for every people they can apply IPO in a minute online.

If you are here to find out how to apply IPO online in Nepal then you are in right place. Here you will get a complete idea after reading the articles.

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How to enter the share market? (step by step) 

If you are new to the share market then you will need the following requirements before applying IPO application form.

To enter the share market, you must have the following requirements: 

1. Bank Account 

2. Demat Account

3. Mero share account 

4. CRN number 

How to open a bank account in Nepal? 

To open a bank account in Nepal, you can either directly visit the nearest branch of any bank or can apply online. Following are the requirements to open a bank account:

1. Citizenship certificate  

2. Birth certificate (in case of minor under 18 years)

3.Passport size photo(recent) 

4.Family details(grandfather/mother’s name,father/mother’s name,spouse name(if married) 

5. Mobile number 

6. Signature 

You can apply for the online bank account from the respective bank’s website’s homepage. 

Do I have to visit the bank if I opened an online bank account? 

Yes, you must have to visit the bank once if you have opened an online bank account within six(6) months to verify your account. 

If you don’t visit the bank after you opened an online bank account, your account will be in debit restriction mode. 

How to open a Demat account in Nepal? 

To open a Demat account in Nepal, you can either directly visit the nearest branch of any bank or can apply online. Following are the requirements to open a Demat account: 

1. Citizenship certificate 

2. Bank account number 

3. Birth certificate (in case of minor under 18 years) 

4. Passport size photo(recent) 

5.Family details(grandfather/mother’s name,father/mother’s name,spouse name (if married) 

6. Mobile number 

7. Signature(guardian signature in case of a minor) 

8. Fingerprint 

You can also apply for the online Demat account from the respective bank’s website’s homepage. 

How to get/apply mero share account? 

To get a mero share account, you must have a bank account and Demat account number. you can directly apply online for a mero share account from the respective bank’s website from which you got the Demat account number or you can visit the bank.  


1. Bank account number 

2. Demat account  number 

3. Citizenship certificate 

4. Birth certificate(in case of a minor) 

5. Mobile banking(if you apply online) 

6. Gmail id 

You have to pay Rs.50 to CDSC for getting a mero share account. The account number to which you have to pay is already given in the mero share form. 

After 2-3 working days, you can apply for the mero share account, you will get your DP id, login id, and mero share password in your Gmail id. 

What is the DP id and login id in Mero share? 

Dp id is the first 8-digit number of your Demat account number. 

Login id-it is the last 8-digit number of your Demat account number. 

For example: if your Demat account number is  


Dp id                          login  id 

How to Activate Mero share Account?

After you got your DP id, login id, and mero share password in your Gmail id, you have to change your password and adjust your transaction pin. For this you have to perform the following procedure: 

1. Download and open the mero share app or visit the website “

2. Enter your DP id in (depository participants)box(first box) 

3. Enter your login Id in the username box. (Note: your login id is your username). 

4. Enter the password that you get in your Gmail id and press the log-in button. 

5. In this interface,you have to change your password. In the first box enter the old password that you got in Gmail and then in the middlebox enter your new password as your own(fulfilling the criteria given there).

In the last box re-enter your new password for confirmation. when you press the CHANGE PASSWORD button you are redirected to the login interface. 

6. Now you have to enter your DP id, username, and new password and press the LOGIN button. Here you have to type your four-digit transaction pin and confirm it. 

Now you finally set up/Activate your Mero share account.


After login to the mero share account, you are finally in the mero share dashboard. Follow the given instruction below:

1. Login to your meroshare account 

2. You will see the “My asba” button. Click on it. 

3. You will get “apply for the issue” on the top left side.

4. You will find the company if there is any company approved by the SEBON.

5. Press the Apply button, then press Proceed. 

6. Enter the number of kitta (in the applied kitta box)10 or more than 10. 

7. Enter the CRN number that you got from Bank. 

8. Tick mark the small box below the CRN box and then press Apply button. 

9. Enter your transaction pin (4 digit number that you set before) and then press Apply button. 

You will see (“share has been applied successfully”) floating on your screen. 


You can get the CRN number though online or by visiting Bank. You can apply online along with the application for the Mero share account. 

Else, you have to fill separate form for the CRN number in the bank. 


1. Citizenship certificate 

2. Demat account number 

3. Bank account number  

You will obtain your CRN number via messaging in the mobile number that you have provided to the bank during the application of the form. 


1. Can I change my Demat account number? 

Ans: Yes, you can change your Demat account number but you have to deactivate your first Demat number then only you can proceed with a new Demat number.

2. Can I open two Demat account numbers for a single person? 

Ans: Yes, you can open two Demat numbers for a single person. But, during the application for IPO, your application will be rejected in both of the accounts. 

3. Can I have a bank account in one bank and a Demat account in another bank? 

Ans: Yes, you can have a bank account in one bank and a Demat account in another bank. But your mero share account should be in the same bank where you have your Demat account. 

4. After how many days IPO application will be verified? 

Ans: After one or two working days, your IPO application will be verified. 

5. What should I do after IPO is allotted? 

Ans: After IPO allotted, allotted kitta of that company is transferred to your Demat account within 7-10 days. 
Then you have to do the WACC calculation. 

6. How to do WACC calculation? 

Ans: Login to your mero share account-press More button- then press My Purchase Source. 
Search your allotted company in the search box then tick mark the Select all box then press Proceed button. 
Now press CONFIRM button. 

In conclusion, the online system has made it easy to apply IPO from mero share as well as from mobile banking. It also helps to analyze the IPO holdings and their value from the single dashboard. Hope this article gives value. If you have any queries or suggestions then comment down below.

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