How to Find Lost CRN Number in Mero Share? – 3 New Method

IPO has finally released after a long gap. IPO and secondary market in share market is a well-known term in Nepal. If you are here searching on how to find the Lost CRN number of Mero share then you are in right place. Here we will provide complete steps to find lost CRN numbers from Mobile and desktop respectively.

What is CRN Number?

CRN number is a special type of eight-digit number that is provided by a Bank after the Demat account is activated. If you forget your CRN number then you can simply nearby the bank where your Demat is opened or you can simply follow our steps.

How To Find Lost CRN Number From App?

You can simply get your CRN number from Mr. NEPSE App. Download the App from the play store. Click on the more option as you can see at the bottom. After clicking on the more option scroll the page. You will get a “CRN finder” Click on it as shown below.

Follow their terms and condition and click on continue if you accept their terms and condition. Type your user name and password and select your DP. You will get your CRN number.


How to find CRN in Mobile (Mero share)

Let’s begin the steps to find lost CRN numbers in Mobile. We are not working with the app but working with the browser. So open your browser. Click on the three-dot top right side.

Click on the star bottom as shown in the figure. Then click on the edit button.

Copy down the given code and paste it into the URL section removing the given URL and editing the name with abc or any name but you should remember the name.

javascript:(function () {
    var script =  document.createElement('script');
    script.onload = function () {

Now Login to the Mero share account. Click HERE. And Click on the “MY Bank request” as shown below.

Click on the browser and type “abc” as you name abc in the bookmark. Then you will get a setting button on the screen. Click on the network you will get a different request. If you did not get the request then click on the “Dashboard” of the mero share and again click on the “My Bank Request”. Then click on the setting button as shown in the figure.

After clicking on the setting button then on the network then you find the request on the screen. Then click on the number that you got on the mobile screen. If you did not find try another number. You will find the CRN number on your mobile screen as seen on your screen.

How to find Lost CRN Number in Desktop (Mero share)

You already got an idea of how to find out a CRN number from the mobile which is a lengthy process, You can also find out the CRN number from the desktop by following the down given steps:

Login to the Mero share dashboard: Click Here. Enter your Depository Participants, user name, and password. If you have forgotten your password then check out the How to reset the password of the Mero share article.

After Login to the mero share dashboard. Click on the ” My Bank Request”. Then right-click on the mouse and click on the inspect or you can simply type “ctrl+shift+I” at a time to open inspect section.

After opening a inspect section you will see the below interface. Click on the Network at the top and XHR as shown in the figure below. Then refresh the page. You will get a list of data.

Click on the Number as shown. You may find a different number for different mero share accounts. Click on each of them if you did not find out. You will get the below-shown list where the CRN number is shown.


Here we have provided three different ways to find out the CRN number. Hope you have gained value from our information to find out the lost CRN number. I personally recommend finding out from the inspect section but you can also use MR. Nepse to find out the CRN number. It is one of the easy ways.

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