How to buy/sell shares online in Nepal

As everyone goes digital everywhere, the shares allotted as IPO (initial public offering) can also be sold online through mobile or pc by sitting in your home. For this, you must have a TMS account (Trade Management System) or broker account. TMS account is the most important account in the share market to buy and sell shares in the secondary market.

You can open TMS or broker account online from the respective website which you want to open or you can visit the nearest broker office. The requirements needed to open the TMS or Broker account are listed below:

  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Address(district, municipality/rural municipality, ward number, tole name)
  • Bank details(account number, branch)
  • Demat number 6.Citizenship certificate photos(front and backside)
  • PP size photo
  • signature photo (Guardian’s signature in case of a minor)
  • Selfie carrying citizenship/driving license
  • Family details(father’s name, mother’s name, grandfather’s name, grandmother’s name)
  • Birth certificate (in case of a minor).

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If you have recently got IPO and did not have any idea how to sell and buy IPO from the secondary market, then hold on are in right place. Here you will get the complete procedure to sell and buy IPO from the secondary market. To sell IPO / shares in the secondary market, the following steps should be followed:

  • sell your share
  • WACC calculation
  • My holdings
  • My EDIS
  • Sell your share:

First of all login into your online TMS account .press ‘order management system’ button. Then press Buy/Sell button. you will see an interface as given in the picture below:

TMS Dashboard
Click on the buy/sell option

Write the symbol of your share on (SYMBOL box), then the number of SHARES you want to sell in the next box named ‘QTY’.Give your price of the share (per share ) in the PRICE(NPR) box, within the given range as shown in the picture below.

NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO SELL LESS THAN 10 KITTA, YOU HAVE TO CLICK ON ‘ÓDD LOT’) button at the top of the interface).

Then press the SELL icon on the top right and again press the SELL button below as in the picture. Then you will see ‘your order was placed successfully’ .once your sell order will have matched with the buy order, your share will be sold. If your sell order won’t match with the buy order, your shares won’t be sold.

  • WACC Calculation:

Login to your mero share account-press More button- then press My Purchase Source. 
Search your allotted company in the search box then tick mark the Select all box then press Proceed button. 
Now press CONFIRM button. 

  • My holdings:

Go to the Mero share website to check your holding shares. Now you have to do “my holdings”. For this press ‘my holdings’ right to the ‘purchase source’, as in the picture. Enter your script and then press the search button then press SELECT ALL and then PROCEED. My holdings’ refers to the number of days you hold your shares. For example: If you buy any share on the 1st of January and sold it out on the 5th of February of the same year then your holding period is 35 days.

  • MY EDIS:

This refers to the transfer of shares once you sold your shares. For this you have to Login to your Mero share account, then press the MY EDIS button, then press TRANSFER SHARES. Once you press it you will see a settlement of your shares. TICK MARK on the small box then PROCEED.

After 3-10 days of your share(depends upon broker) sold, you will get your money in your bank account provided.

How To Buy Shares From Secondary Market?

To buy shares from the secondary market you must have an online TMS account. First of all Login into your TMS account. Load the money on your collateral. Press order management system- buy/sell. Enter the name of the company you want to buy on the SYMBOL box. the number of shares on the QTY box and the price you want to buy that share within the given limit as shown in the picture below:

Once the price you entered is matched with sell orders, your buying order will complete. our broker company will send you a message via inbox. Then you have to settle the amount of money of which you buy shares, to the broker. To settle the money with the broker, At first login to your TMS account then press the FUND MANAGEMENT button, then FUND SETTLEMENT, and then BUY INFORMATION.

You will see an interface where your buying information showed. You can settle your money via collateral or via your connect IPS.TICK mark the box then choose your payment method and send money to the broker. After 3-7 days, you settle your money the broker company will send your bought shares to your DEMAT account.


Collateral means the amount of money up to which you can buy shares in the secondary market. But it depends upon the multiplication factor of your TMS account. FOR EXAMPLE: if your multiplication factor is 1:1, and you have 10,000 on your collateral then you can only buy shares amounting to rs.10,000. But if your multiplication factor is 1:4, and if you have rs.10,000 on your collateral, then you can buy shares amounting to Rs. (4*10,000=40,000).

If you have your Bank account on GLOBAL IME BANK LIMITED AND PRAVU BANK LTD. You can load collateral via mobile banking but instead of other banks, you must have CONNECT IPS account. To load collateral first of all login to your TMS account, go to the FUND MANAGEMENT-COLLATERAL MANAGEMENT-LOAD COLLATERAL.

Choose your loading method. If you choose CONNECT IPS method, Login to your CONNECT IPS ACCOUNT, ENTER the amount of money, and proceed. You will get the OTP code via INBOX. Enter the OTP code obtained and proceed. Now amount will be loaded on your TMS account.

load collateral

Here we have the complete steps to Sell the Shares that you have in your mero share account. You will not be able to sell the IPO from the mero share you must have the TMS account.


1. How long does it take to get money after selling shares in Nepal?

Ans: NEPSE has adopted a T+3 (within 3 days of Trading day) settlement system. You will receive the money within 3 days after selling shares.

2. Can I buy the same stock after selling?

Ans: Yes, you can buy the same stock back at any time. You should pay the taxes that you make a profit from your selling stocks. You can buy the same stock as much as you can.

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