Upper Syange Hydropower Limited IPO- 2080 IPO

Upper Syange Hydropower Limited IPO

Upper Syange Hydropower Limited is set to float IPO shares to the general public. The company has already distributed 65,000 shares to foreign employment Nepali workers and is floating 2,20,000 units of shares to the project-affected locals of the Lamjung district. The unsubscribed shares are included in the general public if it is not fully subscribed.

Locals2,20,000 units
Foreign employment65,000 units
Company’s staff
Mutual Fund
General public
source: Mero Lagani

IPO Application Status

DescriptionDate of IssueIssued UnitsApplied unitsover-subscribed By
For Foreign employment NepaleseMay15- 3065,0004832107.43 times
For LocalsMay 15-June 22,20,0002,20,1001.0004 times
For General Public

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Financial Details

The financial details of the company are shown below:

Networth per share(Rs.)99.1784.54
Earning per share(Rs.)0.3914.63
Reserved profit/loss(‘000)1,10620,563
Source: Mero Lagani

Credit Rating:

The Care Rating Nepal has provided a “CARE-NP BB(Is) rating pronounced as [Double B Issuer] to the company. This rating indicates that the company has a moderate degree of safety regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

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Payback period:

Description Details
Simple payback period7.74 years
Simple payback period16.91 years

1. What is the opening range of Upper Syange hydropower?

Ans: The opening range of upper Syange hydropower is Rs.253.62.

2. What is the EPS of Upper Syange hydropower?

Ans: The EPS of Upper Syange hydropower is Rs.14.63 according to FY078/79.

3. What is the Networth of Upper Syange hydropower?

Ans: The Networth of Upper Syange Hydropower is Rs.84.54 according to FY078/79.

4. When will the upper Syange ipo result be held for the foreign quota?

Ans: Upper Syange ipo result for the foreign quota will be held on 13th June.

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