Threestar Hydropower IPO Result-2080 | Check share allotment & opening price

Threestar Hydropower IPO Result

IPO Result Date:

Threestar Hydropower IPO Result will be conducted on 19th Asar 2080(Tuesday) at 9:30 A.M. Threestar Hydropower issued IPO shares to the general public from 5th -8th Asar,2080. The company had issued 6,13,162 units of shares at Rs.100 per share to the general public.

Share Distribution Status:

For Locals 4,92,500 units
For Mutual Fund73,875 units
For Foreign Employee Nepalese36,938 units
For Company’s Staff14,775 units
For general Public6,13,162 units

IPO Application Status:

The IPO application status of Threestar Hydropower is shown in the table below:

Issued Units6,13,132 units
Applied Units1,19,87,360 units
oversubscribed by 19.55 times

Among the total applicants, only 61,313 people will get shares of Threestar Hydropower. Among them, 2 lucky people will get 11 units of shares each.

Financial Details:

The financial details including Net-worth and EPS of the company are shown in the table:

Net worth per share(Rs.)95.8885.65
Earning per share(Rs.)0.5710.22
Reserved profit/Loss(in ‘000)15,20952,992

Opening Range:

The opening range of Threestar Hydropower is expected to be Rs85.65 -Rs.256. It may vary as it is not fixed. Its range is calculated according to its net worth. The minimum value of the opening range is its net worth and the maximum value is three times its net worth.

Credit Rating:

Care Rating Nepal has provided the rating as CARE-NP B-(Is) pronounced as [ICRANP issuer Rating B minus] to the company. This indicates that the company has a high risk of default regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

Payback Period:

The simple payback period and discounted payback period of the company are shown below:

Simple payback period6.22
Discounted payback period11.43
Total Project Cost(Estimated)Rs.1,39,00,00,000
  1. When will the Threestar Hydropower IPO Result conducted?

    Ans: Threestar Hydropower IPO Result will be conducted on the 19th Asar 2080(Tuesday) at 9:30 A.M.

  2. What is the Opening range of Threestar Hydropower?

    Ans: The Opening range of Threestar Hydropower varies from Rs85.65 -Rs.256.

  3. What is the Networth of Threestar Hydropower?

    Ans: The Networth of Threestar Hydropower is Rs.85.65 according to FY078/79.

  4. What is the EPS of Threestar Hydropower?

    Ans: The EPS of Threestar Hydropower is Rs.10.22 according to FY078/79.

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