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Three Star Hydropower ipo


Three Star Hydropower is issuing an IPO(Initial Public Offering) of 49,25,000 units worth Rs. 4,92,50,00,00. Twenty-five per cent of 49,25,000 units which is 12,31,250 units will be given to the general public.4,92,500 share units will be issued to the project-affected locals of the Khotang district.73,875 units of the share will be issued to eligible foreign Nepalese employees.

The issuing will be opened for the local and foreign employees from 2023/4/24 to 2023/5/25 Locals can apply a minimum of 10 units of share to a maximum of 4,92,500 units meanwhile eligible foreign employees can apply for a minimum of 10 units to a maximum of 73,875, The general public can apply a minimum of 10 units to a maximum of 1000 units of the ipo of three-star hydropower limited .6,13,162 unis of the share will be issued to the general public from Asar5,2080 to Asar 8,2080.

Himalayan Capital is the issue manager of Three-star Hydropower. The company is issuing the Ipo to increase the paid-up capital to pay the loan.


The Executive Directors of Three Star Hydropower Limited are Dhan Bahadur Shrestha, Subarna Shakya, Ang Tsering Lama, and Uddhav Raj Shivakotee. Sagar Bhandari is the Consultant (Chartered Accountant ), and Awash Ghimire is the project Consultant. Kumar Kharel is the chairman of Three-star Hydropower.

Company nameThree star Hydropower Limited
Company LocationMadhyapur Thimi, chardobato
As Private Company2072/08/26
As government company2074/05/11

FINANCIAL DETAILS of Three Star Hydropower

Net worth per shareRs. 85.65 as of FY-079/080
Simple Payback Period6.22 years
Discounted Payback Period11.77 years
The total cost of the projectRs. 13,97,00,00,000
EpsRs. 10.22


Three-star Hydropower is building a project name called Sapsup Khola small Hydroelectric project. In below table there is a salient feature of the project. The estimated Project cost is 1,402 million, including interest during construction.

Npv of the project is positive, the simple payback period is 6 years, EIRR is 19.65% and BC Ratio is 1.43. The per kw cost is NRs. 212 thousand. The project shall deliver high returns to investors.

Project NameArea of Catchment
Name of RiverSapsup Khola
LocationRajapani, Khotang
Purana Gaun ( Lahan- Buipa 33 kV line. Loop in loop out at powerhouse switchyard at Rajapani VDC-4, Odarkehet, Beldanada, Khotang295.59 km^2
Design Discharge7.6 m^3/s
Gross Head107 m
Installed Capacity6,600 kW
Length of weir25 m
Penstock Pipe Length137.7 m
Headrace Pipe Length4,096 m
Powerhouse TypeSurface
Turbine TypeFrancis
Transmission LinePurana Gaun ( Lahan- Buipa 33 kV line. Loop in loop out at power house switchyard at Rajapani VDC-4, Odarkehet, Beldanada, Khotang
Average Annual Energy41,815,739 kWh

How many shares should you apply for?

Minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 for the general public.

Is it a good company?

Initially, it seem like a bad company as its financial condition are not good but once the completion of project, it will be a good company in a few years.

What is the EPS of Three Star Hydropower?

The EPS of Three Star Hydropower Limited is Rs.10.22

When will three-star hydropower open for the general public?

It will be open for the general public from Asar 5, 2080 to Asar 8,2080

what is the net worth per share of three-star hydropower?

The net worth per share of the three-star hydropower is Rs. 87.15.

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