Forgot Your Meroshare Password? No Worry Reset Password Now-2080

meroshare password
Reset Meroshare password

It is always hectic to forget your password but now it is very easy to reset your MeroShare password. You don’t need to visit your bank instead you can reset your password by yourself via the online method in a few minutes. You must know a few things before resetting your password. They are:

  • Depository Participants
  • Username
  • Email
  • Date of birth

Reset the Meroshare password here: CLICK HERE

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How to Recover Your Meroshare Password?

If you forgot your Meroshare password then you must have the following mentioned things before resting the password. If your password does not match or you forget your password then simply click on forget your password as shown in the above image.

You will redirect to the following screen. Choose your Depository Participants as shown in the figure. Now enter your username which is provided by the Bank. You can check your email for a username. Enter your email account in which you will receive your username and password.

Now enter your valid date of birth which you have in your citizenship (A.D). And Now finally click on the send button. If you set the valid information then you will receive your new password in your email. Check in the spam message if it is not shown in your inbox. The password can be reset after login into the Mero share login dashboard.


1. Why am I getting an Invalid password in Meroshare?

Ans: Invalid password in Mero share simply means the password does not match the registered system. You will not get access to login to the system if your password is invalid.

2. What is a valid password in the Mero share account?

Ans: Mero share account password must be in 4 to 15 letters, and must contain at least 3 lowercase letters. You must change your password every 365 days.

2. What is the username of the Meroshare account?

Ans: The username in the Meroshare account is in the number format you will get in your email account. Many beginners use their name as the user name which is not valid.

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