New IPO-Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Company Limited(UHHC)-2079

Upper Hewakhola Hydropower

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IPO Overview:

Upper Hewakhola Hydropower company limited is going to issue 15,00,000(in words: fifteen lakhs) units share to the general public from 24th Ashar,2079 B.S. An applicant can apply its shares up to 28th Ashar,2079 B.S. as it will automatically be closed after banking hours. Among fifteen lakhs units share, 2% i.e. 30,000 units share is allocated for the company’s employees and 5% i.e. 75,000 units share is allocated for mutual funds. The remaining 13,95,000 units share will be floated to the public. This company has got [CARE-NP BB(ls) from the care ratings Nepal Limited. This rating indicates that the issuers with this rating are considered to have a moderate risk of default regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

Total number of share units15,00,000
Price per unit shareNrs. 100
IPO issuing date24th Asar,2079 B.S.
IPO closing date28th Asar,2079 B.S.
Issue managerNMB capital limited
A minimum number of share units must be applied10 units
A maximum number of share units can be applied1,00,000 units

Note: IPO closing date will be prolonged to 6th Shrawn,2079 B.S. if the number of applicants is less than required.

Upper Hewakhola Company Overview:

Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Company Limited is located at Kathmandu metropolitan city ward no.29, Anamnagar, Kathmandu. The ongoing project of this company is the “upper Hewakhola small hydroelectricity project” having a capacity of 8.5 megawatts. The total assumed investment for this project is Rs.1,42,28,72,518.(in words: one Arab forty-two crore twenty-eight lakh seventy-two thousand five hundred and eighteen only.) The investment per megawatt is assumed to be Rs.16,73,96,766.82.

Net worth and earnings per share (EPS) of the Company:

Net worth per share(in Rs.)100.00100.00100.0095.51107.92111.58
Earning per share(in Rs.)4.497.9211.98
Saved profit/Loss(in thousand)22,45239,61759,914
outcomes in net worth(%)
NOTE: The data after the FY078/79 is not the actual or real data. It is the expected data by the company itself.

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Investment Details:

Total investment for the projectrs.1,42,28,52,518
Investment per megawattRs.12,73,96766.82
Time for returning general investment6.87 years
Net present value(NPV)Rs.1,656,599,349
Internal rate of return14%

Details about Director:

The informational details about the director of Upper Hewakhola Hydropower company are tabulated below:

S.N.NamePostShare holding
1.Mr. Keshav Bahadur RayamajhiChairman1,00,000
2.Mr. Dedraj KhadkaManaging Director1,00,000
3.Mr. Arjun Prasad Gautam Director2,00,000
4.Mr. Bhimlal Poudyal Director2,00,000
5.Mr. Krishna Kumar Tamang Director50,000
6.Mrs. Bhuwan kumari Shahi Director40,000
7.Mr. Maniraj DahalIndependent Director

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