Nepal Local Election Result 2079 – Live Election Update 2022

Local election Nepal 2079 Update

The local election of Nepal 2079 has been completed on 30 Baishakh 2079. Voters have to vote for their candidate. Here you will get the latest update of Local Election Nepal 2079. More updates are yet to come.

According to the election commission, 64% of votes were received from people in the local election [ Estimated data ].

Most people are searching for the latest update on the Election result in Kathmandu. Independent candidate Balen shah has dragged the attention of the country. Here is the latest update on the Kathmandu Election for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor:

Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor

Candidate Vote
Balendra Shah61,767
Keshav Sthapit38,117
Sirjana Singh38,341
Madan Das Shrestha5,570

Kathmandu Metropolitan Deputy Mayor

Candidate Vote
Sunita Dangol68,612
Rameshwar Shrestha23,806
Binita Magaiya12,141

Bharatpur Metropolitian Mayor

Candidate Vote
Renu Dahal52,030
Vijay Subedi39,581
Jagannath Poudel14,741

Results of 2079 local elections

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