Mandu Hydropower IPO- upcoming IPO 2080

Mandu Hydropower IPO


Mandu Hydropower IPO (Initial Public Offering ) is coming to the general public. Mandu Hydropower Limited has published an offer letter to issue Mandu Hydropower IPO of 26, 06,360 unit shares. The company will issue the share in premium value of Rs. 206 ( Rs. 100 face value and Rs. 106 premium value) .

The company will issue the IPO in two phases in the first phase it will be distributed to the Project affected locals and eligible foreign Nepalese employees and in the second phase, it will be issued to the general public.

2,72,730 units of Mandu Hydropower IPO will be issued to the project-affected locals of Makwanpur District which contains the Bhimphedi VDC (wards no. 5,6,7 and 8) and Indra Sarwar Vdc’s (ward no 3 ). 1,36, 364 units of Mandu Hydropower IPO will be issued to the Eligible Nepalese foreign employees.

The application will be open for both project-affected locals and foreign employees from the 28th of Asadh to the 11th of Shrawan of 2080 B.S.

After Issuing the share to the project affected locals and foreign employees it will be issued to the general public. The company has issued Prabhu Capital as the issue manager. Mandu Hydropower IPO has got BBB- Rating from ICRA Nepal.

Company Details

Mandu Hydropower Limited was established in 2012 A.d. The registered office of the company is located at Kamladi, Kathmandu.
Phone no: 01-4438388
Website: Mandu Hydropower
Nepalese promoters hold majority ownership with 51% including 10% equity ownership of affected area shareholding. The remaining 49% shareholding is from a Chinese Investor.

Board of Directors Position
Mr Tian JiayuanChairman
Mr. Shivanth Bahadur PandèDirector
Mr Maheshwor Prakash ShresthaDirector
Mr. Tian JiayuanDirector
Mr. Rabindra lal ShresthaMrs Zhu Xianxian

How to apply for IPO online.
How to load collateral in tms.

Project Details

The Bagmati Small Hydropower Project was initially identified by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) during the Screening and Ranking study of the Medium Hydropower Study Project (MHSP) at a preliminary level. It is situated on the border between the Lalitpur and Makawanpur districts in the Central Development Region of Nepal.

The headworks site is located around 44 km away from Kathmandu in IpaPanchakanya of Makawanpur districts, approximately 100 m downstream from the junction of Kulekhani Khola and Bagmati River at Dobhan.

On the opposite bank of the river at this site, Ghusel of Lalitpur district is situated. The powerhouse site is positioned in the Besitole village of Ipa Panchakanya, on the right bank of the Bagmati River. Geographically, the project area encompasses longitudes ranging from 85°13’43” E to 85°15’20” E and latitudes ranging from 27°30’19” N to 270 32 30.

Description Details
Project LocationIpaPanchakanya, Bhimphedi Gaupalika
Access to siteDakshinkali-Hetauda Road
Project TypeRun of River
Generation Licenses Date2071/03/32
Installed Capacity22 MW
Avg. Annual Generation128.09 Gwh
Design Discharge12.40 m^3/s
Gross Head213.0 m
Phase of ProjectOperation
Commercial Operation Date2075/12/19

Financial details

The simple payback Period and Discounted Payback period of the company is 11.96 years and 13.96 years. The eps (earning per share ) of the company is Rs. 21.06. The net worth per share of the Mandu Hydropower Ipo is Rs. 124.43. All the above details are of 078/079.

Q. How many shares you can apply for?

A: The project-affected locals and Foreign employees can apply for a minimum of 10 to 50,000 units of shares.

Q. When will the mandu Hydropower IPO result will be published?

A: After the complete application procedure it will be published. Most probably it will be published at the end of Sharwan.

Q. Is Mandu Hydropower a good Company?

A: Yes, it is definitely a good company to invest in.

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