How To Load Collateral in TMS? 4 easy Methods


There are several methods to Load Collateral in TMS. First of all, we need to learn what is collateral. Collateral is an asset that is provided to the lender which he accepts as a security for giving a loan if they cannot able to pay the money. If the borrower couldn’t be able to pay the loan then the lender will seize that collateral to fulfill the loss.

To buy shares from the secondary market.

In Nepse the collateral is an amount given to the broker to buy the shares. We must have to load collateral in tms(Trade Management System) before buying the shares otherwise we can’t buy the shares. The client of the broker can buy shares according to their structure of collateral. Some Broker allows to purchase shares worth 4:1 of the collateral and some allows 1:1 amount of share.

Why load collateral in tms?

This is the best way to manage the risk of the broker. If the client buys the shares and does not pay the money then the broker may have to go through a loss that’s the main reason to load collateral in tms. Here are some of the benefits of this.
1. Risk management
2. Enhance trading capability
3. Improved Liquidity
4. Secure transaction

Here is the link to all the licensed stock brokers in Nepal with their locations and contact.

Methods to load collateral in tms

You can load collateral in tms through directly from tms website or from the different digital payment apps both are quite the same but if you load collateral through the tms website it will be fast after loading the collateral you may have to call the broker for showing the collateral in the tms.

First of all open your tms account and on the left side of your screen, there is the option where you have to click on Fund management> Collateral management>load collateral then you get a box where you have to fill up the method of payment, amount and remarks and click on done.

load collateral  in TMS Account from connect ips

In the option of the bank, there are 4 methods viz. eSewa, Ime pay, connect ips and Global IME Bank


Using Connect IPS

After filling in all the details click on proceed and you have to enter your method of payment Username and password and pay the money instantly collateral will be loaded on your account and you can buy the shares.

1. How to load collateral in TMS?

Ans: You can load collateral in TMS using e-Sewa, IME pay, Connect IPS, Global IME Mobank, and Prabhu MoBank. You have to read the full article to know the procedure.

2. Can I refund money from the collateral?

Ans: Yes, you can refund money from the collateral.

3. How to refund money from collateral?

Ans: Open your TMS account<>goto fund management<>click collateral management<>goto Refund collateral<>select account number and amount<>Click on submit.

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