Ingwa Hydropower Limited IPO Apply – IPO 2080

Ingwa Hydropower Limited IPO

Ingwa Hydropower Limited is set to float twelve lakhs sixty-eight thousand six hundred and thirty-nine(12,68,639) units of IPO shares to the general public from 13th Baisakh 2080 to 17th Baisakh 2080. The company has already distributed 3,06,840 shares to the locals, 1,20,000 shares to the foreign employment Nepali workers, and 29,863 units to the company’s workers.

Locals3,06,840 units
Foreign employment1,20,000 units
Company’s staff29,863 units
Mutual Fund74,658 units
General public12,68,639 units
Total18,00,000 units
source: Mero Lagani

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Company Details

The company details of the company are shown in the table below:

Project nameIngwa Khola small hydropower project
Project LocationTaplejung district
River sourceIngwa Khola
Project typeRun-off river
Design discharge6.19 cumecs
Energy to be produced65.731Gwh
1 Arab 95 crore65.731 Gwh
Estimation of investment cost1 arab 95 crore
Source: Mero Lagani

Financial Details

The financial details of Ingwa hydropower limited are shown below:

Networth per share(Rs.)76.7497.29
Earning per share(Rs.)0.160.08
Paid-up capital47,468,500420,000,000
Source: Mero Lagani

Credit Rating:

The Care Rating Nepal has provided a “CARE-NP BB(Is) rating pronounced as [Double B Issuer] to the company. This rating indicates that the company has a moderate degree of safety regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

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Payback period:

Description Details
Simple pay back period5.55 years
Simple payback period9.40 years


When will Ingwa Hydropower Limited Open IPO For the Public?

Ingwa Hydropower Limited will open an IPO for the public from 13th Baisakh 2080 to 17th Baisakh 2080.

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