CYC Nepal Laghubitya Open IPO From Baisakh 2

CYC Nepal Laghubitya IPO

CYC Nepal Laghubitta IPO Opening DATE

CYC Nepal Laghubitta is going to open public share for the general people. The Company had sent the application to SEBON on Ashoj 11 to Propose 3,95,336 shares. SEBON approved the application to open the IPO (initial public offering) from Baisakh 2.

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The Cyc Nepal Laghubitta recently merged with Shaligram Laghubitta named CYC Nepal Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited from 29th Ashar, 2078. The promoter holds 67.5% of the company and the rest will be fulfilled by IPO.

The company has issued 3,95,336 shares total share to the public. The company employs reserved 0.5% of the total share i.e 6,082 units shares and 5 % i.e 19,766 units shares reserved for mutual investment funds. The general public will get the remaining shares i.e 369,488 units shares. You can apply a minimum of 10 shares and a maximum of 1000 shares.

The IPO will open from Baisakh 2 – 6. The Public can apply share from Baisakh 2 and if the share will not be oversubscribed then the date will be extended to Baisakh 16.

Cyc Nepal Laghubitta has appointed Global IME as a sales and issue manager. Care Ratings Nepal has given CYC Nepal Laghubitta a Care NP BB- (Is)` Double B minus issuer rating in its credit rating for IPO issuance.


1. When will CYC Nepal Laghubitta Open IPO?

Cyc Nepal Laghubitya will open IPO from 2079 Baisakh 2 -6. The date will extend to Baisakh 16 if the share will not be oversubscribed.

2. What will be the CYC Laghubitta share price?

The Share Price of Cyc Nepal will be 100 per share as it is an ordinary share.

3. What is the CYC Nepal Laghubitta EPS?

The EPS ( earning per share ) of Cyc Nepal Laghubitya is 141.68.

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