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City Hotel Limited IPO APPLY Online

City Hotel Limited has published an offer letter for applying a share of 10% of its paid-up capital which is 16,74,000 units. 10% of the above share units which is 167400 will be issued to eligible Nepalese foreign employees, 5% which is 83700 to the mutual funds, 4% to the company workers, 66960 units, and left 1355940 units of shares to the general public. City hotel limited Ipo will be the hotel sector IPO for a long time.

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The registered company of City Hotel Limited is located in Kathmandu, Nepal. City Hotel Limited owns a 5-star hotel under the Brand Name ” Hyatt Place” in Kathmandu. The Hyatt Place is a mixture of modern and cultural architecture serving its guests from various countries. The Hyatt Place, Kathmandu is operating at 10 Ropani lands located at Red Cross Road, Soalteemode, Tahachal, Kathmandu, Nepal.

The main aim of issuing the Ipo is to expand the city hotel business. The company has issued shares to eligible Nepalese foreign employees from 2079/12/21 to 2080/1/5. City Hotel will issue shares to the general public from 2080/1/25 to 2080/01/28.

The company has appointed Global Ime Capital Limited as an issue manager. The applicant can apply for a minimum of 10 units to a maximum of 2000 units of shares with the trend of oversubscribing the issuing in its opening it is advisable to only apply for 10 units of shares.

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The simple payback period of the company is 11 years and the discounted payback period is 15 years which means it will take 15 years before giving profits to the company owners of their actual investment. City Hotel Limited has got a CARENP BB+ rating which means the moderate risk in timely servicing.

The net worth per unit of the company in the fiscal year of 078/79 is Rs 87.83. The expected net worth per share of the company for 79/80 is Rs. 79.04. The EPS( earning per share ) of the company is Rs. 2.97 and is expected to increase to Rs. 8.97 for the upcoming year. The company will have good growth in the coming years.

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1. What will be the opening price of the Company?

Ans: The opening price of City Hotel Limited will be from Rs. 87.83 to Rs.263.49.

Is it good to invest in this company?

It is a very good company and owns several 5-star hotels so it is good to invest in it.

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