Annapurna Cable Car IPO- Apply IPO

Annapurna Cable Car IPO


Continuing the IPO application process, Annapurna Cable Car Company has appointed Muktinath Capital Limited as their Sales Manager.

Company Details

Annapurna Cable Car Company, located in the beautiful city of Pokhara started on 6th Falgun, 2078 B.S. It has a total issued capital of 1 Arab 55 crores. Due to the covid effect, the company had to start their operation two years late. The company is located at ward no.18 of Pokhara Metropolitan City. In the upper station of the cable car, Sarang Kot, the panchmukhi Ganesha Statue is being constructed, which is 48 ft tall and 44 ft wide whereas the bottom station of the cable car is at Sedibagar.

1. Where is Annapurna Cable Car Located?

Ans: Annapurna Cable Car is located in the Pokhara Metropolitan City.

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